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X-TREME Operating Philosophy

        X-TREME Packaging Services Inc. is a manufacturer and supplier of corrugated products and services.  In our early days, we began as a service provider to the corrugated industry however, we have evolved into a full service one stop shop for corrugated packing products and services.  While Service remains a huge part of our business, we like to think we have differentiated ourselves from others in our industry by offering packaging solutions through creative design and innovation.  We have and will continue to treat all employee’s with courtesy and respect, and will involve them in building our process which will allow us to meet, or exceed our clients expectations and needs.

Custom Corrugated Displays
custom corrugated beer and wine advent callendars

Mission Statement

        To deliver the highest quality services and products to our clients, ensuring we understand their business, their needs and their products. We will achieve this by listening to our clients and recommending the best possible solutions through employee involvement and total accountability for the quality of our services and products.

Proudly Family Owned

        When you buy from a family owned business, you are not helping a CEO buy a third vacation home.
You are helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy get his hockey jersey, a mom and/or dad put food on the table, a family to pay their mortgage, or a student pay for college.
Our Customers are our share holders, and they are the ones who we strive to make happy. We may be called a small business, but we have a LARGE capacity for quality and care.

Safety Beliefs

        At X-TREME Packaging, we believe the safety of our employees paramount. Safety is not a program, or a FAD, it is a way of life. Our employee's are trained in and expected to follow safe work procedures at all times. We believe that all employee's should go home in the same condition they arrived at work each day. We have therefore adopted the following as "Corporate Safety Philosophies"

stocked corrugated boxes
Custom corrugated boxes
Jumbo cardboard bin gaylord combo bin
Custom printed corrugated boxes litho laminate ink print

We strive for the highest quality

        At X-TREME Packaging, we have always taken pride in our custom work, having the opportunity to make season ticket boxes for the Calgary Flames and Stampeders was an honor. You don't need a big name to receive the same level of quality though, we use the same quality standards for every customer.

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