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Corrugated Products

What do you need from us?

        We offer a wide variety of high quality products, stock boxes, custom boxes, corrugated pallets, custom displays and much more. We carry countless different styles and sizes of boxes in all types year round including special custom made boxes which each client can specify the exact size shape and detail to fit their exact needs.

Pick your Flute

Flutes come in several standard shapes, or flute profiles (A, B, C, E, and F)
We carry corrugated in E, C, B and BC flutes.

E - Is our thinnest flute, mainly used for retail level packaging and small displays.

B -Is our medium level flute which is great for light weight shipping boxes, most die cuts and medium to large displays.

C - Is our largest single-walled flute and is great for shipping boxes and large displays. 

BC - Is a combination of B and C flute in a double-walled board that is perfect for any heavy duty shipping box, dump bins, structural partitions or insulating liners.

        At X-TREME we want all our clients to be happy and satisfied with the service we have provided them. Choose from any of the above categories to get started with finding the right box for you.

If you need help finding the correct boxes, visit the "Stock Boxes" page to look through different styles, shapes and sizes of boxes, and remember each box has the potential to be customized to fit your exact needs. For more customization option we recommend you got to out style catalogue which can be found through clicking the button below.

Pick your Style

        There are many styles that could work for a single product, the choice is up to you; the customer! To see a detailed list of our different styles and view PDF documents explaining their primary uses, please click the following link to go to our style catalogue.

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